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Asian Longhorned Beetle

The Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) is a relatively new introduction into the United States. It is known to occur in five distinct geographic regions of New York City, several suburbs of Chicago and more recently areas of central and eastern Massachusetts. This pest was positively identified in a small area of Worcester, Massachusetts in August 2008 but is not known to occur in any other New England state. The ALB is a wood borer that attacks live, healthy trees; it’s presence usually leads to the death of the host tree. Homeowners and concerned citizens should be aware if its signs and report any suspicious findings immediately to the proper state, federal or Extension personnel.ArborCare can help control these pests without the use of toxic chemicals.
Arbor Care uses only environmentally friendly methods for control of these pests. Applications start early spring. Call now for a free estimate!!!

Tree Spraying - Asian Longhorned Beetle

Asian Longhorned Beetle - Life Cycle
Asian longhorned beetles develop though four life stages—egg, larva, pupa and adult. The adult female can lay up to 90 eggs, one egg each at the bottom of irregular-shaped craters she chews in bark. In a lightly infested tree, these dime-sized, egg-laying pits are more common near to the top of the tree and on larger branches. In a tree that is heavily infested, egg-laying craters can be found on bark throughout the tree.

After hatching, the larva chews into the tree and feeds initially in cambium and sapwood, and later in heartwood. Larvae develop through five, increasingly larger instars (growth stages) before pupating in a chamber the mature larva chews in sapwood.

Adults emerge and mate, and the females lay eggs. Females feed on leaf midribs, leaf petioles, and twig bark. About 2 years are required to complete one generation in the eastern Untied States.

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